i m p o s e

broken plastic pail
drags on cold, uneven stones
burrowing house mouse


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chocolate ice cream on quadricycles

solvang ephemera

SOLVANG, Santa Ynez Valley—Nestled in Santa Barbara County, in the triangle of highways I-101, I-154, and a sliver of green jutting out of Los Padres National Forest, sits a historic Danish village that always floats a very specific yet blurry childhood memory to the forefront of my mind. For a few minutes on the road my brain flips through several fingerprint smudged Polaroids of melting chocolate ice cream, curious windmills that peek over thatched rooftops, horse-drawn carriage rides and fancy quadricycles that cling to any exposed skin beneath cut-off shorts—oh, and way too many annoying cousins inciting petty quarrels for attention.

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