on a country path

apple blossoms monet ephemera

Claude Monet
Apple Trees in Blossom (Springtime)1872
Oil on canvas


on a country path,
white feathered apple blossoms
freshen the branches

#EarlyMonet #LegionOfHonor

legion trees ephemera

Le Pave de Chailly in the Fontainbleau Forest monet ephemera

Le Pave de Chailly in the Fontainebleau Forest, 1865

legion side column ephemera

legion megpie ephemera

bodmer oak monet ephemera

The Bodmer Oak, 1865

legion think ephemera

defined Court of Thought,
among the pines, to honor
the fallen soldiers

legion frieze ephemera

hut at sainte-adresse monet ephemera

A Hut at Sainte-Adresse, 1867

legion cafe ephemera

legion honor ephemera

houses on the zaan monet ephemera

Houses on the Zaan River at Zaandam, 1871

legion arch ephemera

legion column up ephemera

argenteuil monet ephemera

Argenteuil, 1872

legion covered entrance ephemera

legion tall ephemera

water lilies monet ephemera

Water Lilies, 1917

legion sky ephemera



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