f l o a t


1. we should build a boat
(or get back on one)
because we won’t be landing on mosses
but swirling in rip currents too dangerous for swimming

2. or we can watch the birds, maybe;
they’ve figured out the seasons—
brown pelicans, sea ducks, loons, grebes, gulls,
herons, sandpipers, egrets,
the occasional Long Tail and Red Neck—
just hovering above the designated Wildlife Area
accessible east of Highway 1,
where salt ponds are controlled by tidal gates
(former salterns used by local fish canneries in the late-1800s
to commercially produce sea salt, now
critical breeding habitats for snowy plovers)
where piles of state protected sand dunes
block strong afternoon winds

3. mind the rafts of endangered sea otters
of expanding and then contracting range,
the heaviest weasels in the North Pacific,
lulled by the lapping swells,
their soft, warm bellies full of
sea urchins, mollusks and crustaceans;
such clever fishermen—
note the sea otter’s use of rocks
to dislodge prey from open shells—
a dwindling population of
natural sea foragers,
forcing foreign fishermen out of
depleted fisheries, into
engineered alternatives:
aquaculture/mariculture, IMTA—or
balancing systems for biomitigation

4. where farming technology extends beyond
the terra firma, as undulating waves of uncertainty devour more of
what used to be firm,
perhaps we can address
Jacques Cousteau’s lament for humanity and
drown in a sea of new understanding

5. or we could make a raft
and float with our bellies full
like praying sea otters

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset


floating on Nature’s

palm—wild waters, restless sands—

in the throes of spring

#napowrimo #georgic
#earthday #loveyourparks



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