ghazal dare to hope sky ephemera


our kaikamahine has beautiful hair, he smiles gently, combing her sunset waves.
a brief case + a soft kiss on the head before he vanishes beneath the sunset waves.

royal frangipani woven in the Polynesian way, over the right for the evening fragrance,
or in the earth, temple offerings for ancestral spirits too long without any sunset waves.

a one-off lover steals from her lips twice, turns a saunter down the Champs-Élysées,
whispers her name—don’t look back. she is blinded by his golden sunset waves.

papaya + coral reef + desert flower bleed into violet tulips + hyacinths—a billowing,
celestial pastel blending black decay, sweeping out with those ebbing sunset waves.

the salty pacific sprays a heavenly mist on her tresses, moon reflecting her open gaze;
true to her name, glorious heavenly mist, she floats home. good night, sunset waves.

#napwrimo #ghazal


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