r e d i s c o v e r

nargles luck ephemera


wrackspurts to blame, we
suspect, hid them from our minds,
three years in a hole


  1. object
    a squirrel’s nuts bounty (e.g., my garlic fries that got stolen right out of my lap)
    Spectrespecs [large, colorful spectacles that make the wearer look like a “demented, multicolored owl” + make wrackspurts (invisible creatures that float through one’s ears, making the brain “go fuzzy”) visible to the wizarding eye]
    うちわ (団扇) [tn. uchiwa, a fixed Japanese hand fan that cannot be folded]
  2. location
    along the bike path near Inspiration Pass, where we like to hike
    on the steps of Pražský hrad [tn. Prague Castle], where we spent an afternoon sipping piña colada bobas—not recommended
    underneath the 炬燵 [tn. kotatsu, a low, wooden table frame covered by a futon (heavy blanket) upon which a table top sits]—the one we dream about owning
  3. lost object
    baby photos, Polaroid snapshots of myself at 2–4 years, that mysteriously disappeared from my university dorm
    b the guest ticket to my lover’s commencement ceremony, which forced me to don my own cap + gown, then lie talk my way into the amphitheater
  4. found object
    a ruby + gold heart-shaped pendant, a Valentine’s Day present, that was lost for three years and found inside an old handbag—literally, there was a hole in the inner pocket + the pendant fell into the lining
    a small golden nugget, a family heirloom, that was lost for six months and found inside the zipped inner pocket of another handbag that was about to be donated to Goodwill (a major save; my mother would skin me if she knew about this)


squirrel steals my nut
no need to search every path
just check the handbag


#napowrimo #luck



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