c h i l l

by a. noelle

my hands tangled in

your curls, your hands clutching the

controls: You struck first!

your head between my

thighs, nestled; your fingers play

Paper Mario

rain slips through cracks, un-

sticks low-hanging clouds from palms,

clenching + swaying

soft stretch of earth, beige,

indented, shifting pockets

pressed by sunken toes

cold seeps through glass, light

sneaks around the blinds, the birds

laugh above the eaves

I don’t toss + turn,

I roll to your side just like

a giant penguin.

rice with hard-boiled egg,

miso on the side— 「朝、」

whispers my stomach


rice with hard-boiled egg,

miso on the side— “Morning,” [“Asa,”]

whispers my stomach