Day 9 What place are you most grateful for?


trdelník crumbles

on glistening cobblestones

to feed starving swans

Prague’s Little Quarter. Malá Strana. I’d seen similar photographs on postcards, travel blogs, and Instagram, of course. I’d waited at least a decade to stand there, on the steps of Prague Castle (Pražský hrad), to behold that breathtaking landscape in person. And on that day, I was blessed with clouds to mark the occasion. This was a once-in-a-lifetime moment, a fixed point. The person I was, that tiny vessel of life experiences, that pocket-full of memories, looking out across red rooftops and spires from a hilltop centuries-old—that girl would never see the same view ever again. With the clouds gently spreading out across the grey morning sky from somewhere along the horizon; their slow-moving shadows caressing sleepy houses in this quiet corner of the city. This peaceful air. That girl would only feel it this one time. So, she stood back and took that whole world into her being, as a favor to her future self. So that I could look back with a thankful heart. [cont.]



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