Day 20 Post about three celebrity crushes.

I thought his name was…unique when I first read about him. Then I found out that that was a popular opinion, so I couldn’t feel too guilty. It wasn’t really a physical thing, how it started; the crush sort of just happened as I was reading a description about him, didn’t even need a photo. It was more like curiosity. I just wanted to read more about him because he seemed like the kind of guy that I might notice if I was out walking and saw him passing by; not even someone that I would consider dating, really, but just someone that would spark my interest and then have me thinking about him all day, drafting out a character profile in my mind and then some stupid, juvenile narrative that would push us together in accidental circumstances. I flirted with the ideas so much that when I finally came out of it, I realized I’d been stuck on the same page, the same paragraph for almost an entire half hour.

He has a really funny laugh. It’s the kind of laugh that forces you to laugh, too; you just won’t be able to resist it, which can be either good or annoying, depending on how you respond to things like that. He tends to laugh at the most inappropriate times. It made me wonder, when I first heard it, how anyone could manage such a sound without swallowing copious amounts of air and somehow, at the same time, feel the satisfaction that comes with having a good laugh. It’s a sincere laugh, too; that’s what’s so remarkable about it. At least, his expression seems genuine; he’s always got his head thrown back when it happens, full body shaking with his mirth. I think it was that devil-may-care attitude that got me; like, I’ll laugh whenever the hell I want to and drag you along with me. I mean, he’s probably not “relationship material” because he’ll more than likely just laugh at your problems than try to support you through them, but he’d definitely be fun to have around.

When I first heard about him, I thought, He’s way too old, but a tall, dark, and handsome lord is always hot business. I think he had a thing going on with one of his staff, which is just so stock that it makes me a little ashamed to have nurtured my crush for as long as I did; I might have been discreet about it, but I was a proper little fangirl in my own way. I’ll admit that, on more than one occasion, I imagined myself as the maid or the private secretary or the governess, but I never really got too far in those fantasies because the positions, while steamy at first, always left me feeling cold. The disappointment grew when I discovered that he had a wife hidden away somewhere, and the whole affair just got that much…older. Still, like most fairy tale embellishments, it was comforting while it lasted, and I find myself daydreaming about him now and then to pass the time while I’m waiting in a queue or sitting at my desk….


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