Day 18 Post 30 facts about yourself.

les confessions ◊

  1. I have fallen asleep on a windowsill.
  2. I once got lost in Germany b/c I got off at the wrong train stop.
  3. I had my first kiss and my first breakup in Paris.
  4. I have a driver’s license, but I never took driver’s ed.
  5. I was once locked into my apartment and needed a locksmith to get me out.
  6. I’ve performed at Carnegie Hall and the Hollywood Bowl.
  7. I once skipped out on an event to go stargazing at Joshua Tree Nat’l Park instead.
  8. I have taken a bath in Lourdes, France.
  9. I was once stalked by a peacock at the zoo.
  10. I’ve had to disembark a plane b/c there was something wrong with the engine.
  11. I have survived nesting season in Canada.
  12. I spent an entire afternoon in a bookstore in Prague.
  13. I once surprised a grazing cow that almost charged at me.
  14. I’ve tried garlic ice cream; I didn’t like it.
  15. I got free cable for a year b/c of a mistake my provider made.
  16. I wandered into a music festival in Vienna when I was trying to find a WC.
  17. I once had to give a pep talk to the EMT placing my IV; he was nervous.
  18. I have been at the center of more than one scandalous rumor.
  19. I’ve had part of my lunch stolen by a squirrel.
  20. I walked through the streets of Monte Carlo at 3 a.m. b/c it was a hot night.
  21. I once ditched a tour group to see Amsterdam on my own.
  22. I have had to stay overnight in the hospital for more than a week.
  23. I reunited with long lost family members over Facebook.
  24. I attached a love lock onto a bridge in the Czech Republic.
  25. I’ve seen a deer wait for the light to change before crossing the street.
  26. I once took part in a cult gathering and didn’t realize it until after I left.
  27. I have been considered “a regular” at more than one restaurant.
  28. I’ve actually held interesting conversations with the person cutting my hair.
  29. I don’t know what a cavity feels like, never had one.
  30. I have participated in more than one psychological study.

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