c o m p o s e

by a. noelle

waking arms outstretched

slowly bending down one side

gentle creaks, revive

Focus—clear your mind!

waves of rolling fog drift through

now: Legilimens!

piglets squeal behind

a great sow shuffles across

blackened earth of spring

a longing caress,

turning to wild, unbridled

clenching, throbbing legs

Going Merry crew


Hail, 海賊王!


Going Merry crew

Gum-gum rocket! [Gamu-gamu roketto!]

Hail, the Pirate King! [Hail, kaizoku-ō!]

notice any sounds,

let the clouds drift past your sky,

and when you’re ready

moisture clinging to

our foggy bedroom windows

showers greet the dawn