Day 4 Write about someone who inspires you.

by a. noelle

He wears a straw hat.

He is racing towards his dream with a determined mindset despite the disparaging remarks of those who scoff at his ambition; all those who are unfamiliar with his ways insist that he is an overconfident fool.

He doesn’t care.

He makes mistakes all the time. Some are worth the cringe, but he presses on with a childlike enthusiasm and insatiable curiosity. Don’t mind, don’t mind—he unashamedly acknowledges his inability to live without the aid of others. More to the point, he demands help when he is in need, at times going so far as to drag unsuspecting—even unwilling—talents bodily to whatever task requires attention (though he often has issues with prioritizing).

Details, details…. They will sort themselves out so long as his focus remains sharp on that grand line, his chosen destiny. He stretches his arms (and legs) towards that one goal, and those lucky enough to call themselves his friends, his mates, find themselves constantly swept up in that adventurous fervor. Their lives are forever changed. Truly, everyone touched by the strength of his conviction comes away from that experience reborn in some sense.

He has a reputation. And it brings out his toothy smile.

He’s wanted and he’s feared by many who have never seen his true face, but all that does is make him laugh out loud, the boisterous, slaphappy prat. It is as refreshing as it is frustrating, his naiveté; never has one experienced such a compulsion to compliment and strangle at the same time.

He is an enigma, unbelievable, unreal even to those who know him best.

He is someone who will be followed not for his skills in leadership (because he is severely lacking in this area) but for his sincerity and his compassion for those he recognizes as comrades on his crazy, epic life journey. Crazy. Men with far more years and experience have said so. But he made the decision to go on his quest, and he will continue until he reaches one of two possible destinations. Simply put, that’s all there is to it.

He is freedom incarnate.