In any season, Vienna

Wien 17 - Café Schwarzenberg for frühstück.jpg

Café Schwarzenberg

The sun was shining brightly on our last morning in Vienna. We hopped a crowded tram to the edge of the Ring and stopped at Café Schwarzenberg für frühstück. We had some time before our train in the early afternoon, so we planned a walk to Stadtpark after eating.

Wien 17 - Johann Strauss.jpg

Johann Strauss

The “Waltz King.” When we entered the park, only a small crowd had gathered to take photos of Strauss with his violin. Tourists mixed in with locals, all enjoying a fine morning in the park. The inviting green landscape of gardens and memorials honors Viennese musicians and composers—a lovely escape from the city. We strolled down to the edge of a nearby pond, where a few children had stopped to feed the ducks, and spotted what might have been a female peacock sunning herself across the water.



It would be a smooth, pleasant ride from Vienna back into Bavaria. There were only two other passengers in our air-conditioned car, and over the next few hours we played a few rounds of Uno, listened to music, ate Bratwurst from the train’s dining car, and stared out at the scenery as classical grandeur gave way to pastoral charm.


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