Walking with cows…

Reminds me to be both present and playful.

walking with cows sleeping ephemera

At peace.

walking with cows landscape ephemera


walking with cows hope words ephemera

keep giving me love to find a way

walking with cows on a hill ephemera

through this heaviness I feel

walking with cows up close ephemera

I just need someone to say

walking with cows okay words ephemera

  1. the myrmidons: clap (see the stars)
  2. lucius: turn it around
  3. ingrid michaelson: afterlife
  4. imogen heap: goodnight and go
  5. richard walters: walk softly stranger elephant in the room
  6. bryan john appleby: the rider, the horse, the land
  7. pink martini: sympathique
  8. priscilla ahn: oo la la
  9. ingrid michaelson: the way i am
  10. meiko: stuck on you
  11. christina perri: be my forever (feat. ed sheeran)
  12. lenka: everything’s okay
  13. lenka: the show

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