Today was fine.

by a. noelle

 We laugh just like yesterday,
And I kiss you like the day before,
And I hold you just like ordinary.
Perhaps when the day is new,
We’ll find tomorrow is just ordinary, too.

Tomorrow came,
My shadow, it was growing long,
I came home to find you singing songs,
Just the same.

And today it seems you’re smiling
Like you always are.

Everyday it’s the same old thing.


ordinary days fog moments

I woke up late like I always do,

ordinary days pine cones on sticks moments

Made work just in the nick of time,

ordinary days looking up moments

And thought of you.

ordinary days tree moments

And when I returned,

ordinary days on the rocks moments

I found you

ordinary days fingers moments

Just like I always do,

ordinary days lava moments

Waiting for me

ordinary days sun moments

Like you always are.

ordinary days hearts moments

Since you came along . . . I live for ordinary days.