Now you only dream…

by a. noelle

In peaceful blue
The morning doesn’t even scare you anymore
You are a phoenix with your feathers still a little wet
Baby, the ashes just look pretty on your eyes

Deb Talan

journal be tender words ephemera

journal be tender words 1 ephemera

~ january journal ~

journal be tender words 2 ephemera

i have so many words for you

journal be tender words 3 ephemera

they won’t be perfect,

but will you please accept them?

journal be tender boots words ephemera

i’ll take you on my adventure

journal be tender boots flowers words ephemera

my worn scuffed up boots and your crisp white pages

journal be tender falling out ephemera

maybe we can find poetry together

sf zoo blooming placeholder ephemera

journal be tender notes words ephemera

journal be tender song words ephemera

dry your wings in the sun . . . you have only begun to understand

favorite heart ephemeraThank you, Rosaline of LittleWomanGoods