Tendrils and shoots groped their way up the walls,

Clambering round the curtains and blind-cords, and scrambled through the cracks, ventilators, and keyholes. In the damp air flowers came out and fruit began to ripen, and huge leafy shoots blotted out the stairs, pushed their way between the legs of the furniture and hung in festoons from the chandelier.

moominhouse jungle words ephemera

A jungle in the house can be too much (of a beautiful thing)

[Her] room was full of small, white flowers, hanging down from the ceiling in leafy garlands. . . . There was a small forest on the staircase, and the drawing-room was a positive jungle.

hungry cows sprigs and twigs collections

Finn Family Moomintroll (excerpt) by Tove Jansson

Keeping the winter blues at bay.


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