A few things to check off…

winter bucket list words ephemera

winter bucket list totoro snowman words ephemera

#1 Drive out of the city, as far as it takes to find snow instead of cold rain. Then decide whether to build a Totoro snowman or a Neo Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Cannon for a seriously hilarious snowball fight.

(If only I could take him back home with me.)

totoro snowman walk bff words ephemera

#2 Enjoy a romantic walk in a winter wonderland (and try not to get my snowshoes stuck on fallen branches along the path, again).

winter bucket list cafe words ephemera

#3 Curl up in a comfy corner with a cup of chai and anything by Clarice Lispector or Paulo Coelho. Get lost in the words for hours and hours.

winter bucket list cocoamaretto words ephemera

#4 Sip this on the balcony and feel the warmth spread through my chest while watching my breath ascend into the air in white puffs. Repeat.

totoro snowman sugar selfies words ephemera

#5 Bake and decorate a batch of sugar selfies—one more indulgence before the year’s end.

winter bucket list miyazaki words ephemera

#6 Marathon ALL the Miyazaki films, especially Howl’s Moving Castle and The Wind Rises! わーい!

winter bucket list reindeer words ephemera

#7 Visit the reindeer before they return to the North Pole.

totoro snowman sunrise words ephemera

#8 Decide on a place and figure out how early I need to wake up in order to make the drive before sunrise. . . . Decide if “wake up earlier” should be included on my list of resolutions for 2015.

(Just in case, choose a spot that also works for sunset.)


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