Let all your memories hold you close.

by a. noelle

Who really needs a gift
When love is meant to give?
I can still recall.
Carry with me always,
Every Christmas dream.
They live in you and me.

“Something About December” (excerpt) by Christina Perri

christmas morning ephemera

Christmas morning calls for hot cocoa with marshmallows, snickerdoodles, and opening presents.

christmas morning uo sweater words collections

It’s a sweater!

Let’s snuggle indoors all day because…

christmas morning cold words collections

christmas morning fireplace collections

One more particle plushy for our seventh Christmas together.

From left to right, top to bottom: Up Quark, Down Quark, Charm Quark, Electron, Strange Quark, Top Quark, and Bottom Quark.


christmas morning clean up collections

Save the cleanup for later.