So many hours…

by a. noelle

Roaming the shelves.

hours wasted collections

A den of books: the perfect holiday hideout.

hours wasted tiny surprise collections

A tiny, understanding friend finds an opening and bobs his head. I am in the right place.

The mark of a seasoned bibliophile: multiple translations.

hours wasted moomin letter collections

I’ll be checking these out to recompense my Moominless childhood.

hours wasted check out collections

Disappointment strikes: Comet in Moominland is missing!

hours wasted emigre collections

Анфиса (Anfisa), a Soviet Belarusian émigré. Arm in arm with her owner, then a 5-year-old boy of similar stature, she caught her first glimpses of America in 1999.

Now we sit side by side, as I discover Moominland.